Welcome to the IOTW Calendar

Help and Instructions

  • To view the IOTA operations on any given day, click on the number for that day. Days with scheduled expeditions have a light blue background and a hyperlinked number.
  • To view a month at a time, click the name of the month at the top of the calendar.
  • A pink background indicates today's date. The IOTW Calendar runs on UTC.
  • To view other months:
    1. Hit the "Last Month" or "Next month" button or
    2. Select the month from the pulldown menu and enter the year in the form below the calendar and hit the "Go!" button.
  • The "Help" link at the bottom of the calendar will always bring you back to this help file.
  • The "Submit" link will bring you to a form to enter information to be added to the calendar.
  • The "Search" link will bring you to a search form that will allow you to search for past, present or future IOTA expeditions.
  • The "Home" link brings you back to the front page of the website to allow access to other areas of IOTW.
  • The "Skeds", " and General" links are shortcuts to both of IOTW's message forum areas. Please use these links if you are familiar with the Forums. If you are a first time Forum user, please read the Forum Introduction to learn about the Forums and their proper use.