What is IOTW?

Islands on the Web (IOTW) is a DX website brought to you by Chris Taron, NK1K and John Van Putten, WD8MGQ. The mission of this website is to provide ham radio operators interested in the Radio Society of Great Britain's Islands on the Air Program (IOTA) with the tools and information needed to pursue this challenging program.

What is the Islands on the Air (IOTA) programme?

The IOTA program is managed by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and is enjoyed by an ever-growing number of ham radio operators world-wide. To learn more about the IOTA program and how to take part in it, the RSGB maintains a useful website outlining the rules and goals of the IOTA program. We suggest you visit this site to learn about the program, then return here and we'll point you towards the DX!

RSGB To the RSGB IOTA Programme Website RSGB

Where can I get a list of all IOTA reference numbers?

Manager of the IOTA program (Roger Balister, G3KMA) maintains a great website with information regarding IOTA numbers qualifying islands.

Manager's Website